Our Body has been exploring inviting everyone into the sphere of embodiment and performance. Our Body regularly offers 6 week // intensive courses where she works with a group towards a devised peice of performance and theater. 

The process is based on working with somatic tools and language captivation that awakens the senses and then moves into character and organism development of the group. 

The process begins with a topic or theme that is developed with the performers and then executed into a guided / choreographic exploration for video or stage. Performers or students are invited into a deeper process of practise where we work on collectively listening of the group and spectator. 

Our work focuses on the spectator and participants experience. The idea is to see how much we can work in whatever challenging space or time with a subject and devise something for exhibition. 

Having studied devised theater at university and working with this across 15 years Lauren brings confidence and knowledge to the participants to create a safe space of embodiment and exploration. The idea is for people to step outside of their comfort zone and into a space of exploration, open body and mind and we can see what it awakens. 

Sometimes peices are constructed with professional performers and others with non-professionals and sometimes a mix. Our Body believes we are all performers inside and we want to remind people that being witnessed and being completely embodied and seen is one of the most tools of self empowerment that we can access. 


Project: #mybodymychoice - Performed 2019 at Funkhaus part of Radical Sounds of Latin America Festival 

Concept: We explored abortion rights and we worked with people who had direct experiences to abortions and used this 8 week process with a 30 minute performance at the festival to process and release and embody the subject. Professional + non professional movers. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/370914556?share=copy

Project: Witch-Hunt - Performed at 15 minutes of Femme festival, Musikbraurei 2021

Concept: We developed a 20 minute multi-media stage show with 4 professional dancers based on a film work of Lauren. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/752660082?share=copy

Project: The Source - Performed at Kulturkirche Nikodemus, Berlin 2022

Concept: We explored a multi-media and interactive 4 hour performance peice in a church with professional dancers and vocalists wrapping the audience into a mystical and magical space of embodiment. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/925574749?share=copy

Our Body’s Source - Interactive Performance - Let It Grow, Mahalla 2023

Concept: We explored a multi-media and interactive 1 hour performance peice with live musicians in Mahalla in collaboration with Vincent Moon and Ed James Harding. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/860114439/59e219b611?share=copy 

Our Body - Mahalla Rituals Inner Child Festival - 2023

Concept: We worked with a mix of professional and non-professional dancers to create a 1 hour long devised performance accompanied by musical artist Ale Hop. 

Video: https://vimeo.com/860114439/59e219b611?share=copy

Synching Time - Rote Fabrik - Zurich 2023

Concept: Together with performance artist Giulia Rossini we took over a collective space in Zurich and conceptualised a performance peice and workshop. 

Our Body Obsession - Berlin Art Week 2023 Mahalla 

Concept: We worked with a group of non-professional humans to create a more theatrical interpretation and exploration of what our individual obsessions are and observed the human character. 


Synching Time II- Berlin Art Week - Mahalla 

Concept: Together with performance artist Giulia Rossini we took over a collective space in Zurich and conceptualised a performance peice and workshop.

For more information contactlaurenpringle@gmail.com