Lauren Pringle

Lauren regularly facilitates her own courses and has been invited across several retreat spaces and arts spaces to offer workshops / courses and experiences to all. 

Working with intimate groups of people exploring somatic development, deep psoas work, foundations of hip hop dance and improvised guided movement, Lauren can range in teaching from small groups to large. 

Lauren also works as a movement coach / choreographer for advertising in film, music videos and photo campaigns with individual coaching and larger scale embodiment needs, Lauren is confident guiding a group into movement journeys or holding deeper spaces of somatic release and play. She believes in the healing powers of movement and the need for us to connect more to the body in such a time of screen culture. Her work focuses to raise awareness in our intuitive powers, create community and empower the body to be.

Lauren is the co-founder of the successful performance and urban dance group Flow Altas Wachas in Argentina. They began in 2008 - 2017 and she was performing, creating, movement directing and choreographing with the group for 9 years.

Notable achievements were dancing in and alongside:

  • Major Lazer
  • Miss Bolivia ft Toto La Mamposina
  • Fiesta Plop / Puerca
  • Ulsina del Arte
  • Centro Cultural Recoleta
  • Konex Cultural Centre
  • Centro Cultural Matienzo
  • Faauna
  • Teatro Vorterix
  • Nike Argentina

Lauren is also a movement director for film and she has Movement Directed/Choreographed alone and alongside collaborators with her own work. Notable work includes:

  • Movement Director - Zalando in-house workshop with photographers
  • Movement Director - Zalando Dance Campaign - Maria Cebula AD
  • Movement Director - Gabriella Rowland - Tank.TV
  • Movement Director - Warm Decembers - Lucy Beech
  • Movement Director - Nur Hektor - Manuela Aguilar
  • Movement Director - Aya - Let me Go
  • Movement Director - Labrynth: 1781 Collective - Musikbraurei
  • Choreographer/Movement Director - Fall Out Line - Lowenbraunkunsthaus - Zurich 2021
  • Movement Director - Vicious Unconscious - Riley Davidson
  • ISIF Commercial music videos - Common People
  • Movement Director - Mellah - Taz Tron Delix - Compulsory
  • Movement Director - Arionce - Leucosia - Panamono Films
  • #MyBodyMyChoice - Radical Sounds of Latin America - MONOM SOUND
  • Movement Coach - Glor1a / Rebecca Phillips

You can find her film work at 

Lauren is currently studying and developing her work with wombs and energetic movement practices to keep developing her research into magic and alchemy with the body, focusing on archetypes and ancient wisdom.

  • Womb Alchemy Course w/ Bryonny Melissae
  • Tantra Yoga TTC 200hr w/ Satya Loka
  • The Spiritual Way of the Tarot: Tarot de Marseille
  • Holistic Bodywork: 3 Day Shock-Trauma Therapy Course
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program: The Embody Lab
  • Community Herbalist Course - Pacific Rim College

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